Selected Staff Development• Department of Education Alternative High Schools.• The Ron McNair Elementary School, Brooklyn, New York.
Initiatives •The Elders Embrace • Genesis of American Education Research Association publication on Research on Black Education.• Semi-Annual meeting of Young Black Professionals.
Selected Book Events • Harriet Washington, “Medical Apartheid” • Dr. Donald H. Smith, “Climbing up the Mountain Children” • Kadiatou Diallo, “My Heart Will Cross This Ocean” • Dr. Firpo W. Carr, “Germany’s Black Holocaust- 1890-1945” Conversations on the Black Female in Our Time

• Dr. Coretta Scott King, Dr. Betty Shabazz The Isis Circle, “Gathering of African American Women in Politics, Media, Medicine, Banking, Education, Corporate NY, Law and Public Service for Inspiration and Sharing”

BEPAA is committed to assisting consumers of social and educational services to develop an understanding of educational systems, to initiate complaints, to analyze budgets, to question data, to organize coalitions and advocate for basic rights that should be afforded to all citizens. We have evidence that working collectively with school faculty, parents and the community can improve educational outcomes for our children and can change results from negative to positive. BEPAA In conjunction with College Discovery, STEP and C-Step) provided a series of workshops for the community at large preparing New School Board Members for Membership on Decentralized School Boards in New York City • In conjunction with the Community Service Society of New York and the Bedford Stuyvesant Conference Coalition,

BEPAA conducted training sessions for new members of school boards from CSD 16, 17 and 19 in Brooklyn. Workshops included information of budget development and analysis, personnel selection and curriculum reforms. Institute for Ascending Adolescents • In cooperation with Southern Queens Park Association,

BEPAA conducted programs focusing on the rehabilitative activities for males of African ancestry enrolled in an Alternate-to-Detention Program. Included in the program was a Rites of Passage component for youngsters experiencing difficulties in navigating systems of care. This very successful program has been defunded. However, through volunteerism, some measure of support continues.
In Defense of Our Children • Students in COPE program at Borough of Manhattan Community College participated in a six-month series designed to assist them to supporting their school-age children. • The series included discussion on special education, health, preparing for the parent-teacher interview, and promotional policies.

Sitting at the Feet of the Masters

• This lecture series has been one of the highlights of the events at the John Henrik Clarke House. Outstanding scholars from the African Diaspora brought their wisdom and sagacity to large audiences of all ages. They presented research findings and productive educational practices that work with children of African ancestry, but are not widely available to parents, communities and educational practioners.
Institute for Kinship Foster Parents• These workshops brought together kinship foster parents through the Human Resources Administration. The workshops were planned and geared to support foster parents with children under their supervision. The parents were exposed to speakers/advocates who assisted them in providing emotional, spiritual and curriculum support. Visits were made to libraries, institutions of higher learning, historical sites and museums. Parents were furnished with age-appropriate games and books for the children in their homes. Institute on Cultural Excellence for Staff from the Human Resources Administration• At the request of the administrator of HRA ten caseworkers assigned to kinship foster parents were involved in intensive staff development. The case workers were engaged in a stimulating series designed to assist them in understanding the societal forces that cause incapacitation on the part of underserved families. Final evaluations showed that the participants gained new respect for families served. Additionally they developed insight into meaningful ways to support the families and children in foster care The State of New York Serving the City.

BEPAA was instrumental in having Commissioners of state agencies, including banking, housing, juvenile justice, drug and alcohol prevention, health and nutrition and criminal justice conduct information sessions for the community at large in order to increase the enrollment of children of African ancestry in college, the directors of the minority access programs (EOP, HEOP, SEEK. The Commissioners provided the public with unique and meaningful opportunities to become acquainted with the services provided by their respective agencies. The New York State Education Department and New York City Students.

Source: B. E.P.A.A. Board for the Education of People of African Ancestry Commemorative Journal 10th Annual Tribute to  Dr. John Henrik Clarke (1915- l998)|2008

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